Air Cooler Manufacturer Since 2006

Ying Shi is a professional supplier of evaporative air coolers, and from the very beginning back in 2006, we have specialized in air cooler design, mold making, injection molding, production, assembly and delivery of air coolers. Our products include evaporative air coolers, centrifugal air coolers, shutter mount exhaust fans, window mounted evaporative air coolers, portable evaporative air coolers, cooling devices and ventilation equipment like fans. Backed by advanced core technology for air conditioner production, we offer our customers professional and cost effective air cooling solutions to meet exact requirements.
Furnished with a 30000-square-meter production workshop and with more than 300 employees, including 8 full-time graphics designers and 20 professional mold development engineers, Ying Shi independently processes air coolers to offer desirable customized cooling equipment and air cooler solutions for customers.
Environmentally friendly and energy saving, Ying Shi's industrial and commercial air conditioners are ideal choices for cooling and ventilation in a variety of environments. Details