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Evaporative Air Cooler

As cooling and ventilation equipment, our evaporative air cooler has been widely used in production workshops for factories, greenhouses and public places. Small, domestic air conditioners are also suitable for cooling and ventilation in residences or small offices in summer and early fall.

Our 30,000 square meter production workshop includes a large scale mold production workshop, large scale injection molding workshop, and professional, precision production lines. This allows us to manufacture all the needed parts, right from the very beginning. Based on the R&D concepts, we also independently carry out tooling and exact product manufacturing. Not only do we offer standardized air cooling and air ventilation equipment, but we also offer customization and technical support, as well as providing dealer training, after-sales services, spare parts maintenance, and other related services. Our air refrigeration units are available at the highest possible quality, and at competitive pricing options.

Why choose evaporative air cooler?
Evaporative air coolers are commonly recognized for their availability at lower pricing, and consumption of less electricity and costs related to maintenance than other traditional cooling equipment. Key features are as follows:
1. Environmentally friendly and energy saving: evaporative air coolers achieve the same cooling effect as traditional air conditioners, but requiring only a quarter of the energy levels required by traditional air cooling equipment such as central air conditioners.

2. Desirable air conditioning: Air convection eliminates stale air indoors and facilitates bringing in fresh air from outdoors after undergoing a cooling and dust filtration process using the filter screen. The resulting indoor air is fresh, clean and cool with a high oxygen content. This air cooling equipment helps make users comfortable, and reduces rates of air conditioning related diseases.

3. After installation, the air cooler is easy to maintain by every day users, and does not usually require professional maintenance skills.

4. Free from Freon, this evaporative air cooler is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.

Cooling principle
Evaporative air coolers use water instead of Freon as a refrigerant. The efficient "direct evaporation" refrigeration technology brings air into contact with moisture. Water absorbs heat in the evaporation process, and under the constant enthalpy value, the adsorption of humidity and heat in air reduces the air temperature (dry bulb temperature).

Working process: When the fresh air flows through the core components of the evaporative air cooler (multi-layer corrugated fiber evaporation network, wet curtain), it results in a heat exchange and filters out the dust in the air, so that the air temperature drops almost along the constant enthalpy line. Air temperature indoors is then eventually decreased as the warmer air is pushed outside.

The driving force of the rotating blade drives the fluid and increases both the pressure and kinetic energy. The impeller is installed in the duct, and when it rotates, air flows in an axial direction. The blade channel also features an axial flow of air. This particular method of air conditioning features a large air flow with a relatively small air pressure.