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CY-18TC/DC/SC Centrifugal Industrial Air Cooler

The CY-18TC/DC/SC centrifugal industrial air cooler is widely used for cooling in closed, non-ventilated places such as factories, shopping malls, internet cafes, schools, game halls, hotels, greenhouses and other places. It also supports remote control operation.

Model CY-18TC/DC/SC
Power 0.75KW/1.1KW
Air Flow(M ³/H) 18000
Fan Type Centrifugal
Voltage 3 Phase 220v/3phase380V/415V
Frequency 50/60hz
Speed Option 12/1
Control System Frequency Inverter System
Size 1.08*1.08*0.95M
Cooling Pad 5090
Cooling Area 80-100M ²
Noise ≤70DB
Water Tank 30L
Water Consumption 10-15L/H
Weight 70KG
Air Outlet Size 670*670mm

The CY-18TC/DC/SC centrifugal industrial air cooler uses water instead of Freon as the refrigerant. The efficient "direct evaporation" refrigeration technology brings air into contact with moisture, which then absorbs heat in an evaporation process. Then, under the constant enthalpy value, the adsorption of humidity and heat into the air reduces the air temperature (dry bulb temperature).

Working process: When the fresh air flows through the core components of the air cooler (multi-layer corrugated fiber evaporation network, wet curtain), it results in heat exchange and filters out the dust in the air, so that the air temperature drops almost along the constant enthalpy line. Air temperature is eventually decreased to be close to the temperature of the wet bulb in the air.

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