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Centrifugal Air Cooler

As cooling and ventilation equipment, centrifugal air coolers are widely used in production workshops, greenhouses and public areas. A small, domestic use air cooler is also a great choice for cooling and ventilation of a residence in summer and early Fall.

Ying Shi is equipped with a 30000-square-meter production workshop, including a large-scale mold production workshop, large-scale injection molding workshop and professional precision production line. We design all parts and components for the air conditioners from the very beginning. Based on design drawings, we also independently do the tooling to produce exact products. We support customized and technical services, and willingly provide dealers with training, after-sales services, spare parts maintenance and other services. Our air coolers are available with top quality levels at competitive prices.

Why choose a centrifugal air cooler?
Compared to other cooling equipment, centrifugal air coolers are more competitive as they are available at lower prices, require less energy to operate, require less money to maintain, and feature a few key advantages, detailed below.
1. Environmentally friendly and energy saving: The energy consumption of centrifugal air conditioners is significantly less than that of central air and other air conditioning options.

2. Great air conditioning performance: Centrifugal air cooling equipment supports air convection to eliminate foul, warm air and draw in fresh air from outdoors, running it through a water cooling and dust filtration process through a filtration screen, then pushing the cooled air into the environment to be cooled. The resulting indoor air is fresh, clean and cool with a high oxygen content, making users comfortable while still reducing the rates of respiratory illnesses caused by polluted, air conditioned air.

3. Easy maintenance: This air cooler does not need professional staff to carry out maintenance, making it easy for every day users to maintain the air conditioning equipment.

4. The centrifugal air cooler is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment as it does not use Freon as the coolant.

Cooling principle
The centrifugal force generated from the high speed rotating impeller powers the fluid, that is, after passing through the impeller, the pressure and kinetic energy of the fluid are increased so that it can be transported to higher or distant locations. The impeller is housed in a helical shell. When the impeller rotates, the fluid flows in the axial direction and then turns 90 degrees into the impeller flow channel and flows outwards radially. The impeller continuously rotates, forming a vacuum in the impeller unit, so that fluid is continuously drawn in, then discharged. Centrifugal air conditioning equipment is known for a small air flow and large air pressure.

    1. CY-18TC/DC/SC Centrifugal Industrial Air Cooler
      The CY-18000 centrifugal industrial air cooler is widely used for cooling in closed, non-ventilated places such as factories, shopping malls, internet cafes, schools, game halls, hotels, greenhouses and other places. It also supports remote control operation.