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CY-3600 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Working principle

The CY-3600 portable evaporative air cooler consists of a corrugated honeycomb structured, special paper wet curtain with a large surface area, an energy saving fan, water circulation system, float valve water replenishing tool, chassis and additional electrical components.

The CY-3600 portable evaporative air conditioner is easy and convenient to use, and at a low cost. It is primarily used in the following:
1. Office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshop and other public places.
2. Machine rooms, equipment rooms, instrument rooms
3. Residence and kitchen that use the air cooler for multiple purposes
4. Frequently relocated and house-rented groups

Typically, this mobile evaporative air cooler can be used in places where it is inconvenient or too difficult to install an outdoor air cooling unit that cannot be moved.

Model CY-3600
Power 120W
Air Flow (M ³/H) 3600
Fan Type Axial
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50/60hz
Controller LCD /BUTTON
Size 0.93*0.61*0.4M
Cooling Area (Usable Area) 30-50M ²
Noise ≤55DB
Water Tank 40L
Weight 17.3KG

1. Large air flow and low air pressure
2. Portable air coolers reduce the indoor air temperature while simultaneously drawing in fresh air from outdoors. This ensures a continuous air exchange for fresh air, preventing respiratory diseases caused by recirculation of stale, indoor air.
3. The mobile air conditioner does not use Freon as the coolant, making it environmentally friendly and causing no pollution.
4. Unlike the traditional air coolers, the portable air cooler does not need to be installed and is easy to use. As long as it is supplied with water and a power source, it operates immediately.
5. With a simple and compact structure, the portable air cooler does not require professional services for maintenance. Every day users can quickly and easily carry out nearly any maintenance needed.

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