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Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Portable evaporative air coolers use the same technological principles as an axial evaporative air cooler. These portable air conditioners reduce the indoor air temperature while simultaneously drawing in fresh air from outdoors to ensure an air exchange and reduce respiratory diseases caused by stale air being recirculated by other traditional air conditioners. The wind duct will not lead to extreme low temperatures indoors. When the outdoor temperature is around 36 ℃, the indoor temperature is about 28 ℃ with a partial scope of 25 ℃ or so.

Why choose a portable evaporative air cooler?
Unlike the traditional air cooler, portable air conditioners do not need to be installed. They operate simply by adding water then connecting to a power supply, making these small air conditioners easy to use.

This particular air conditioner also does not need to be close to doors or windows, as the air cooler will change the air from outdoor into cooler, fresher air as it is pulled indoors. Simultaneously, the air cooler will discharge and push the warmer air outside. This air exchange process is part of a cycle rather than closed indoor air circulation, ensuring the circulated air always remains fresh.

Environmentally friendly and energy saving, portable evaporative air cooler feature a low cost as well as quick cooling and ventilation effects and easy maintenance (every day users can carry out most maintenance). Without the use of Freon, these portable evaporative air conditioners also do not pollute the environment.

Cooling principle
The driving force of the rotating blade drives the fluid and increases its pressure energy and kinetic energy. The impeller is installed in the duct, and when it rotates, air flows forward in an axial direction. In the blade channel, air also flows in the axial direction, ensuring this air cooler features a large air flow with small air pressure.