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Window Mounted Evaporative Air Cooler

Window mounted evaporative air coolers, also known as an embedded air cooler, use a similar working principle to that of a coaxial cooling fan, using water as the refrigerant, rather than Freon. The efficient "direct evaporation" refrigeration technology brings air into contact with moisture. Water absorbs heat in the evaporation process, that is, under the constant enthalpy value, the adsorption of humidity and heat in air reduces the air temperature (dry bulb temperature).

While the window mounted evaporative air conditioner is operating, users need to leave the windows and doors partially open. Cool air continuously enters indoors through the air cooler, while warmer air is simultaneously, consistently discharged.

For dry areas, evaporative air coolers also carry out humidification to ensure a stable installation, operation and maintenance. This air conditioning equipment is easy to install and operate, and maintenance does not require professional services.

Why choose a window mounted evaporative air cooler?
1. Environmental friendly and energy saving: Window mounted evaporative air coolers achieves the same cooling effect as traditional refrigeration devices but required significantly less energy to operate.

2. Great air conditioning: Air convection eliminates the stale air indoors and draws in outside fresh air to the interior after sending it through a refrigeration and dust extraction process using a filter screen. The resulting indoor air is fresh, clean and cool with a high oxygen content. The air cooler is comfortable and helps to reduce the rate of respiratory diseases caused by continuous circulation of dry, stale air inside.

3. Designed by our own staff and with more than 10 years of cold fan manufacturing experience, we have a number of advantages in offering ventilation and cooling solutions. These window air conditioning units feature a simple compact structure and easy installation. Users can operate these units without the need for professional training.

4. After installation, the air cooler is easy to maintain by every day users and does not require professional servicing.

5. Using no Freon, the window air conditioner is environmentally friendly and pollution free.