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Shutter Mount Exhaust Fan

Independently designed and produced by our company, shutter mount exhaust fans feature a galvanized sheet shell. They are widely used in plants, livestock farms and other public areas, and have become popular ventilation and cooling equipment due to the environmentally friendly and energy saving features.

1. Heat treatment plants, casting plants, plastic plants, aluminum factory, shoes factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, printing and dyeing plants, and chemical plants.
2. Suitable for labor-intensive enterprises, such as garment factories, assembly plants and internet cafes.
3. It is used for ventilation and cooling of gardening greenhouses and livestock farms.
4. Typically suitable for the places in need of cooling and humidity, such as cotton mill, wool factory, linen plant, weaving factory, chemical fiber plant, warp knitting plant, draw texturing factory, knitting mill, silk weaving mill, socks factory and other textile mills.
5. Applicable for a variety of storage and logistics industries.

Model specification CYF-900 CYF-1060 CYF-1220 CYF-1380
Diameter blades (mm ) 900 1010 1100 1270
Motor speed(rmp) 560 560 560 460
Air flow(m ³/h) 18000-21000 20000-28000 22000-40000 26000-45000
Noise ≤65DB ≤70DB ≤70DB ≤70DB
Input Power(w) 370 550 750 1100
Voltage(v) 380 380 380 380
Size(mm) 900*900*450 1060*1060*450 1220*1220*450 1380*1380*450

Why choose a shutter mount exhaust fan?
Ordinary exhaust fans (commonly known as window fan) have a poor cooling and ventilation performance. A shutter mount exhaust fan can be placed on the ground or hung in the air, and typically, using 4 shutter mount exhaust fans, a 1,000 square meter workshop can be efficiently and comfortably cooled and ventilated.

1. The entire shutter air conditioner is designed using a CAD/CAM system. It requires little investment and is extremely cost effective for cooling and ventilation equipment.
2. Shutter mount exhaust fans are known for the large air volume, low noise, air flow of 18000-21000m ³ / h and noise of less than 65DB.
3. Shutters on the machine automatically open and close to keep the air conditioner both dust and water resistant. Supporting both air blowing and air draft, a shutter mount exhaust fan is the best choice for cooling and ventilation in modern workshops.

Ventilation principle
Shutter mount exhaust fans discharge the indoor air, and reduce air pressure in order to achieve a cooling effect.

When industrial plants use a shutter mount exhaust fan, the air flows to the fan through the air inlet to form an air convection effect. In this process, the doors and windows near the shutter mount exhaust fan are closed to force the air to flow in the workshop through the windows and doors at the side of air inlet.

Our equipment features thorough and efficient ventilation with a ventilation rate as high as 99%. Our ventilation cooling equipment is suitable for your choice and requirements.

Ventilation speed and wind speed can be designed according to exact user needs, and any ventilation problems, such as harmful gas, smoke and dust can be quickly discharged in just a few seconds from starting the fan.

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