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TaiZhou Yingshi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of evaporative air coolers. Since our establishment in 2006, we have specialized in air cooler design, mold making, injection molding, production, assembly and delivery of air coolers.

We are mainly engaged in production of
Evaporative air cooler
Centrifugal air cooler
Shutter mount exhaust fan
Window mounted evaporative air cooler
Portable evaporative air cooler

We independently design and make mold of air coolers so that we can offer the best air cooling solutions to our customers.
Furnished with a large-scale mold manufacturing workshop, injection molding workshop and professional precision production line, we produce air coolers with various configurations and rich chassis styles. We also independently produce chassis equipment molds. Supported by air conditioning core technology, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional and cost effective evaporative and centrifugal air cooling equipment to meet exact customer requirements.

Why choose an air cooler?
Air evaporates when passing through the wet curtain of the air cooler and is then blown to various corners by the fan. The moisture evaporates and absorbs heat in order to quickly cool interior temperatures. Compared to other traditional air conditioners, ours are more cost effective and energy efficient, making them popular in plants, workshops, greenhouses, livestock farms, and other public places for cooling and ventilation. Small sized domestic air coolers are great choice for cooling and ventilation in homes and small offices.

Our air cooling equipment costs less, consumes less electricity and requires less maintenance than other traditional air conditioning equipment. This has made our product line ideal for the following reasons:
1. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: Our air cooler achieves the same cooling effect as traditional cooling device, using significantly less energy in the process.

2. Desirable air conditioning effect: Air convection eliminates the stale, indoor air, and pushes fresh, outdoor air in through the equipment, passing the air through a refrigeration and dust extraction process using a filter screen. Interior air is then pushed out while the newly cooled and filtered air is drawn in. This makes the new air cooler, fresher and with a higher oxygen content, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases aggravated by stale indoor air.

3. After installation, our evaporative and centrifugal air conditioners are easy to maintain by every day users and don't require professional maintenance services.

4. Using water as the coolant rather than Freon, the air cooling equipment is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.

Ying Shi's environmentally-friendly air coolers:
1. Ying Shi's products are popular in China, and have become increasingly popular with international customers. We are CE certified, as well as other certificates required for our products to clear customs. Our air cooling equipment is sold to customers in Brazil, Australia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Turkey and more countries and regions.

2. With more than 300 employees, including 8 full-time graphics designers and 20 professional mold development engineers, Ying Shi is now an integrated company dedicated to air cooler design, mold manufacturing, equipment production, assembly and marketing.

3. We expanded our manufacturing plant in 2014 to ensure efficient production and business. The new plant covers over 30,000 square meters with the annual production capacity of nearly 10 million air coolers. Based on customer feedback on use of our products, we improve design and quality of products in order to guarantee that customers receive a simple, safe and reliable air cooler. Our customized OEM services also help clients design their own styles and logos if needed.

4. Quality is of key importance to our products. Each new employee must attend training before officially entering the job position. They are required to fully understand production processes and maintenance techniques. We place quality as the most important feature in every step, from production to final delivery. Every new product is processed and assembled strictly in line with a template procedure prepared in advance. During the production, we test the semi-finished products' voltage, electric resistance, noise and control system, and other performance parameters. In order to prevent defective products from entering the market, we also have a team dedicated to quality inspection of finished products to ensure qualified products for customers.

TaiZhou Yingshi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

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