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We provide a product catalog and quotation for all of our air conditioning equipment for each customer, and will work directly with our customers to determine specific customized needs.

Customized services: According to exact customer needs and parameters, our engineering development staff will study and evaluate all viable cost effective options. After receiving the customer's confirmation, we will begin and keep track of production according to the required project. Finally, once we are satisfied with the quality and performance of the finished air conditioners, we will have them delivered to the customer.

We also provide professional air cooler solutions for all customers, even if they are unfamiliar with air cooling equipment.
With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in air conditioner production, we are able to offer the most cost effective cooling machinery methods in a variety of fields, based on specific customer needs, and do so in such a way that offers the most benefits to a customer.

Air cooler cleaning instructions
It is essential to clean air coolers, wet curtain air coolers and other air conditioning equipment properly. Timely cleaning of the equipment extends its service life and ensures normal operation.

1. Sink cleaning:
When cleaning the air cooler's sink, the drain valve should be opened first. If there is a large amount of materials such as dust and debris, that should be removed first before rinsing the sink with tap water.

2. Filter screen cleaning:
During the cleaning of the filter screen process, (also known as the wet curtain), users can easily remove the wet curtain and wash it using tap water. If the curtain has been contaminated with difficult to remove materials, a common air conditioner cleanser can be used to soak the curtain in. After the filter has soaked for a pre-determined length of time, simply rinse it using tap water.

3. Maintenance:
Users should maintain the filter screen air conditioner when it is not in use. Users need to turn off the water valve and remove the filter, then drain the water in the sink. Once the sink has been drained, users should extensively rinse it using tap water. After its been cleaned, reinstall the wet curtain, and allow the air conditioner to run for ventilation purposes for about 10 minutes in order to dry the filter. After the 10 minutes, users can switch off the air cooler until the next time it is needed.

4. Odor removal:
When the evaporative air cooler is used for long periods of time without being maintained, a foul odor often results during operation. This can easily be prevented by periodically cleaning the wet curtain and the air cooler sink. If the problem still occurs, simple add some chlorine based disinfectant to the sink as many times as needed in order to effectively remove the odor.

In cleaning these industrial air conditioners, however, proper precautions do need to be taken. Proper maintenance prevents unnecessary problems and equipment failure, but must be done correctly.

Air cooler maintenance precautions
1. Users need to be sure the commercial or industrial air conditioners are fully disconnected from the power source when they are being cleaned. A safety notice, such as "this equipment is undergoing maintenance, and prohibited from use" should be placed in a clear, visible and obvious area, informing others of the current cleaning process, and thus, prevent the risk of injury from improper usage.

2. Users need to pay attention to the disassembly of the filter. When using the wet curtain, the water pressure can't be too high, and the use of corrosive chemicals is strictly prohibited, in order to not ruin the filter.

3. In high-altitude maintenance of the air cooler, users need to wear a safety belt for security.

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